You must not go there with them.

We sell goods on commission.

Don't you just love it?

Where's my towel?

Sassan asked Greg if she knew how to knit.

I'll buy a gift for her.


Either you or I am wrong.


Ana doesn't have a sister.

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We detected a great fault in the system.

Carolyn wore a witch costume to the party.

Donnie should've done that yesterday.

Don't leave me by myself!

We acted the story of Columbus.


Hwa's girlfriend threw him out.

Would you like to earn some extra money?

I refuse to talk to you!

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She said he was sick in bed, which was not true.

We haven't yet decided where we'll go tomorrow.

Could you keep an eye on him?

That's an exception.

A burnt child dreads the fire.

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We'll investigate the matter.

I think Boyce is a nice name.

See you on Sunday!

The party crossed over to America.

They did an unimaginable job.

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You had better see the cloth with your own eyes.


Are you willing to help them?

Tigger is eating spaghetti.

This service is temporarily out of order.

From where are you?

At a grassroot level, it is mandatory to take action.


He is a Japanese businessman, but he lives in Finland.


Excuse me a moment.


We're in the process of writing the report now.

Please speak more quickly.

I missed the rain a little.

I have finally finished my homework; now I can go to bed.

I don't know any of her students.

Graham was coughing from smoke.

No one is sure how many people died.

He has made remarkable progress in English.

You realize what we have to do, don't you?

It's so slow.

Are you contented?


Philippe made many changes.


I'm taking her home with me.

Pieter has information that we need.

Barry told Fletcher that he thought she should lose some weight.

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How tall do you think my daughter will be in three years?

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Soohong took a magazine out of his briefcase and began reading it.

The funeral parlor is next to the cemetery.

Greetings are the basis of good manners.

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He came home soon.

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I have a keen interest in politics.

Isabelle does things in his own way.

Do you blame yourself?


Some retarded teenager is assailing the statistics again.


I think you're going to need that for a day.

Take off your mask.

She can read very well.

I think that it is impossible to master a foreign language by self-learning.

They turned against Germany.

I can be reasonable.

How will she pay her debts?


Why didn't you warn us?

Whoever the book's author might be, he must be a great writer.

We are in good condition.

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I am whistling in my house.

"Link!" "'Sup?" "King Harkinian has died." "..." "What did you say, I died?!" "...You died." "You dorkface! I'm here talking to you!" "...No." "What about Ganon?" "He died as well! A-ah!" "You runt! You haven't seen the last of me yet!"

Will you let me try once more?


I'll go along.

Either all or none.

He was alone in the house.

Don't be angry at his words.

I forgot just how clever you can be.

John has been very kind to us.

Why do you dislike Becky so much?


I don't know a lot of jokes.

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It's sort of personal.

Ronni slit Wolf's throat.

We were associated in the enterprise.

I have confidence in Duncan.

May I ask a quick question?

I thought Mosur would be valuable to you.

How is your last name written?

Swamy is alive, isn't he?

He stole a very valuable diamond ring.

There was something quite special, almost sinister to his smile.

You're the prettiest girl in town.

Please stand face to face.

He got the first prize in a 100m race.


This is so embarrassing.

We were not a little disappointed with you.

Laurianne heard someone moving around in the next room.

Ron still hasn't found what he was looking for.

Will you do it for me?

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I'm a vegan.

Ole is off doing his own thing.

Come on, Pieter. Say something to her.

I'll pay him a visit within a few weeks.

I want cash.


I haven't read today's newspaper yet.

Nadeem has been very respectful.

In the past several years, the engine of world growth has been China.

How can I protect myself?

We traveled together last year for three months.


I would be very pleased if you did this for me.

We used to spend hours over there.

Have you seen Reid's phone?


Jong doesn't look very confident.

The dishes crashed to the floor.

I've known Mahesh for three years.

You don't need to feel sorry for Sedat.

I got your fax the other day.

Lord chose to wait.

I can't just leave Laurel there.

Please do what you consider necessary.

Dinner will be at 6:30.

We have to cooperate.

He that is giddy thinks the world turns round.

Historians are not sure who his father was.

Can you think of any reason why that might be the case?

I want to speak to him alone.

I passed the examination with ease.


I think you owe me an apology.

I tried to stop their quarrel, but that was not easy.

Reiner told me a story.

The park is governed by the city.

Spock and Gil have been here since 2003.

I have a new book I'm working on.

How often do you borrow money?


Aren't you going to say something?

Let me get you something to drink.

I also did not call.

I am not a dwarf. I am of short stature.

After our first attack, the enemy fled.

That wasn't a lie.

Claudia wished he hadn't spent so much money.

Olson is afraid to go there by himself.

We're in a rush.


Have you looked outside lately?


What kind of dog is that?

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This week, we're in a hurry.


All of these abilities are passed on to us by genetic transmission; we receive them by way of the genes that we inherit from our parents.

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Some of the tariffs were as high as sixty percent.

I got shot at a few times.

I'm amazed I'm not dead.

Friend, lend me three loaves of bread, for a friend of mine has come to me from a journey, and I have nothing to set before him.

Sydney is the largest city in Australia.

California condors are endangered by lead poisoning.

That might not even be Sam.

Romain closes his eyes when he swims underwater.

I never ever disagree with Omar.

Listen closely.

That's happened to a lot of us.

I'm going to stay home tonight.

Charleen probably thought I was thirsty.


I love sunflowers.


You should go talk to Cristi.

Except for a few minor mistakes, your writing is good.

He won the prize this day week.